by Your Dying Truth



CD-Release: 19 June 2014


released February 13, 2014

Vocals by Candy Glas
Bass by Peter Hinrichs
Guitars by Svend Petersen
Drums by Sören Sieh

All lyrics and music by Your Dying Truth
Produced by Mario Dahmen and Your Dying Truth

All tracks except 3, 7, 10 & 12:
Recorded, edited and mixed by Mario Dahmen at Liquid Aether Audio
Mastered by Oliver Carell at Blastbeat Productions

Tracks 3, 7, 10 & 12:
Recorded and edited by Your Dying Truth at home
Mixed and mastered by Oliver Carell at Blastbeat Productions

Artwork by Z. Kessl




Your Dying Truth Kiel, Germany

Your Dying Truth is
Candy Glas
Peter Hinrichs
Svend Petersen
Fabian Finaske

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Track Name: The heretics in art
Express your inner self behind this shell. Crawl through waste of the nauseous, away from unconscious minions. Soaked in drool for ages, an atrophy that is contagious. Products off the assembly line, just a bait to break their spines. Art needs to prevail. Set your mind free. Redefine. Come to life. Play your game. Break the rules. Recognize the infestation of any muses to come. Emerge! Crawl out of this shell. Let the sound speak. Let visions unfold. No more starring at empty frames. No more. You're better off drawing circles in the sand. You'd more than just receive. Vacant eyes. It's not only about belief but dedication. The only consequence is freedom. So pure and virginal. So come and get it if you wish to become part of cultural corruption, it's fun. Don't justify your disobedience, don't internalize blinding fraud. […] Amuse yourself to death or choose to be a minority. Out of the void. Invalidate the conspiracy. Autonomy. Products of mind. No price to pay. Set it free. It doesn't appear to everyone how precious this gift of creation is.
Track Name: take shape
Still it feels like drowning as long as I keep denying the existence of this ever-flowing stream. Not a matter of disaffection, but a void of self-reflection. Drinks never empty, drugs never distant. Swallowing lifetime while resetting my mind. Stop holding on to empty chairs at empty tables. This fraud has never been mistaken. Don't mind reasoning, but accept you're not able to reject. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Submit to self-destruction. So I say “Fuck!”. No healthy way out here. It's become a personal frontier. Call it polemic. Don't close your eyes before the truth. Since there's always a reminder, an individual they'd like to hinder from escaping this self-indulging world of hate. A wall in any direction. Conformity is not a an option. Scars of agony rinsing the shore. The undertaker is waiting to bury the sick and old. Wipe the dust of the counter. Vanish the evidence of being. Unplug the machines. This life support is the dependency from human waste. Regain perception. Find yourself singled out in an army of mercenaries. Get out and run, get out of here, ain't no farewell looking back. Already close to the edge, so why not try? Take off. […]
Track Name: as no one can
You seek truth? It is ___ you're looking for. ___ is everything. That's the meaning of existence.
Track Name: decipher
Not a thing but reflections deforming matter to mind. Resembling such perfect constructions of such an imperfect – reality – is all that is missing. Progressing decay, advancing regression as dusk became dawn. Stop the ears from bleeding their souls out. Fixed, abducted by false ambiguity. Their responses are answers to questions not asked. Haunted and lost, keep running away while this enigma of signs is corrupting the brain. Intimidated by the outcome to smell the scent of guilt within this blend of bourgeois incest. The insignificant gained significance, weren't they buried under layers of dust and concrete. As seclusion advances the lexicon grows. A maze of interceptions. Nothing is certain. Fractures of noises so incoherent, random selections used to force dependence. Electing the wicked conventions. The heritage of any meaning is left in a blind spot. […] Trapped in a cycle of blatant communication. The code defeats the messenger in a battle for common sense. All that you think to know is nothing you can trust. The only thing you really know: We'll all become dust. Infatuation is the concrete to our extinction.
Track Name: the ambiguity of truth.
I have no control of this. Yet I can't resist the urgency of my mission. Don't try to escape your fate. You'll never be a master in this game. Surrender to my integrity and find the answers you wish to hear. Corrupting the essentials of common interest. Silence the oppressed and disciplined. Don't feel no remorse. Just taking advantage of the empty words giving me my strength. Those actions can be justified, it's just a matter of conviction. I despise true existence. Reshape minds. Colonize. Don't try to avoid the force. You know damn well there are rules you have to follow. Habituate the common ignorance, neglect the choices of denial. […] Seize meaning. Occupy the discourse. Leave a feeling of guilt and continual regret. Contain emotions. Keep on repeating. Define opinions. Don't try to rescue the logics of wrath. Find relief in your vanity. Hold your ears close the ground. Reassure sanity. Any assessment is a binary case, let me direct you. Be aware to shut your eyes before the ambiguity of truth. To kill you ain't murder – only releasing you into the void. Nothing else is to consider. Appreciate my allegiance.
Track Name: White noise
Watch out, you’ll never be safe and sound. Don’t give the stranger any empathy for he deserves it no more. (Dirt – rot – in my eyes. Scumbag – they despise.) Thrown away into the garbage that’s become his home. Human flesh on the market, but the butcher ain’t you. This life has nothing left to offer if you ain’t going to resist and get back what belongs to you. Born and raised in the media’s lap you take the beating and go back into the line. The currency of mankind is gambled by few. […] While you detest this injustice, you cannot counteract. Constrains are internalized. Hate yourself as much as John Q. Public. Brainwash made you blind, not numb. Can you break the silence? Stop this violence. Don’t you recognize that you are drowning? Get up and lift your head out the shallow water. […] Pick up a gun and kill yourself. Still the fuckin’ butcher ain’t you!
Track Name: death of progress.
Consumer nation! It's the consensus that attracts. All those mighty images so pleasantly grotesque. This marvelous sight of a million eyes shining bright. What a beautiful intimidation. Within this preset standardized environment security endangers anything deviant. If you astray, the norms will get you back on track. Prison instead of education. Sign up, drop out. The draft gathers forces. Peace treaties are bloody affairs. Lock up, leave out. Point guns at the strangers. Initiate the death of progress. Defy the hierarchies. Deny their false believes. This brainwashing industry will replace your identity. To overcome the own self-portrayal is to prevent from self-betrayal. Always blended by anxiety about loosing one's liberty. Coexistence – a repetitive tale. When talked about, it consequently fails. The next stop on our trip are the cemetery gates. No need to hurry, just keep digging your graves. If you rejected the discourse of power, a chance might remain to stop the people from fading to shades. Slip through the cracks out of the system. Reveal the mechanics in the light of day. Slip through the cracks out of the system. Overthrow the masters you obey. But remind the inquisitor to yet fulfill his duty. Since without his blood-red prosecution we wouldn't know beauty. Order confines. Conformity breaks.
Track Name: High gloss polished shit
I won’t kill myself just to leave you pretentious as long as I am still alive. You ain’t given the chance to muffle the protest against the verdict you’ve proclaimed on me. One step away from you reveals the sight. Crippled, dogmatized. Get a burden to carry to relieve the sins. Will you not question the omnipresent truth. Burning witches in the fire, you earn loyalty. An ancient system’s kind of penalty. (Blinded by icons, infinite faith. Will you not question the omnipresent truth.) Get on the knees, plead forgiveness – dying. No, I won’t swallow your pills. Stay clear minded to anticipate your next step. No, I won’t swallow your shit. But listen closely to anticipate your next step. Accept my commiseration, still I hope for your demise. I ain’t another victim, I’ll never be a sacrifice. […] I won’t be another one of your victims. Keep my mind free. Don’t condescend to your lies.
Track Name: the normative.
The key to reason is lost. Their ethics are profane. Fuck your normative! Smothered under the weight of their morals. Step by step. Deconstruct their presence, burn it down to the essence, shape up for perseverance. Freedom encoded in wounding words. Mouths shut, ears plugged. No harm, no subversion. Consume, regress. Who's the cattle, who's the keeper? The effort to give structure to chaos has to fail. It's not the the way it's supposed to be. The masses drool like dogs and like dogs they obey. The leash is so tight there's no chance to prevail. Hollow me, hollow you. As the patterns unravel the encryption fails. All entities are awake. The unstoppable process of thinking streams through every cell. Flourish, thrive, live, be. Feel, know, create, leave. Writing down laws deriving a norm. Asking the experts, forgiving the perverts. Inclusion, exclusion, conclusion, access denied. Maybe your streets are paved with gold, but your innermost is dead and cold.
Track Name: The world remains the same
Lost. Dark. No catharsis. Points of view collide. Searching. The hands that feed may be the same that kill. Ignorance towards the cognition. Summon the beast, create the antidote. Perpetual progress, perpetual collapse. Burn the evidence. We mourn, we forget. The world remains the same. Earth and seas remain. Halls dedicated to the achievements of mankind. The masses move to the pulse of time like drops in an ocean. As we become waves, we drown this world. Controlled in solid state, pressed in form in order to function. Switching states at random. Shifting shapes, changing opinions. Making martyrs. Ascension. Fall. […] Start. Repeat. Define the significance, save the data. Start. Repeat. The struggle for meaning – everlasting. Consequences to face – never-ending. Solve the puzzle. Analyze the present to predict the outcome. The factors need to be determined. Condemned to exist in frames. Released into space and time. But we are unable to see the obvious: The world remains the same. Lost! Dark!
Track Name: when the lights go out.
Atrocity surrounds me. Trapped, put in chains I pray. Forgiveness, for eventually he’ll let me go. Dear father tell me what have I done to you? And if I falter to remain calm, I won’t just be humbled, but in pain I silently bemoan my suffering. This is killing my senses. I try to betray my own emotions, so there’s a chance to compensate this martyrdom I am not able to escape. I’m not able to escape. But I won’t give in. I’m shattered but I won’t give in for the sake of my query. What kind of disease infects you with such a conviction? Tear down the walls to make me understand! May I eventually be able to see? The reasons lie hidden behind the walls that capture the carcass I am. Segregated from the outside from which my suffering derived. I was born to die, but still keep breathing. An empty casing, beneficial in use. […] And when the lights go out I see your face in my dreams. And when the light will take me, you’re my only memory.